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Marzilli Machine in the News

Machine Shop Mastery Podcast - Relentless Documentation of SOPs, Paying Yourself First, and Other Advice for Shop Owners

n this episode, James Marzilli shares his journey from trade school, becoming a tool and die maker, and eventually starting his shop in 2011 when his grandmother co-signed on a loan for him. Jamie has a great story and an infectious passion for the trade and continuing to push himself and his team to grow, learn and improve every day. He shares tips on being decisive, helping his team see their paths for growth, his ideas on technology and investing in his team, and a lot more in this information packed episode.

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The Herald News - Masschusetts manufacturing grant winners announced in Fall River

Marzilli Machine Company qualified for the maximum amount of $250,000. Its president James Marzilli, a graduate of Fall River’s Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School, started the company in 2011 with his wife Lee Anne who acts as its chief executive...


Modern Machine Shop Online - Digitalized Job Shop Scales Up

“Everybody was doing the right thing, but somehow we still weren’t making any money.”
Job shop owner James Marzilli was discussing a specific job when he said this, but the problem was bigger than any single project. One lesson of this Boston area manufacturer’s recent, rapid growth is that mismanaged inventory, lack of standardization, documentation errors and other systematic inefficiencies that do not always show up on a balance sheet can have as much impact as anything happening on the machine tools.


The Herald News - Marzilli Machine Co. making items to help fight spread of coronavirus

FALL RIVER – Marzilli Machine Co., a local precision machine shop, announced Wednesday that it has been deemed the primary manufacturer of essential parts, assemblies and services required in the production of the necessary medical testing equipment to be used in the fight against coronavirus, according to a press release...


Marzilli Machine Company - Brooks Associates

Marzilli Machine Company, a precision CNC machine, OEM, and Parts Supplier based in Fall River, MA has experienced incredible growth over the past 5 years. Owner, James Marzilli, started the company in 2011 with just one machine and it has already increased tenfold with the company now running 14 machines, with 11 employees on 2 shifts just to keep up...


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