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Here at Marzilli Machine we have plenty of experience with the critical demands and specifications of the defense industry. Our highly skilled team of machinists know how important every tolerance is. We understand that parts must not only be precise, but durable too. Whether its a prototype, or high production run, we will get it done. We use custom state-of-the-art CNC machining systems to deliver excellence. Marzilli is ISO 9001:2015 certified, proving how rigorous and in depth our quality systems truly are. We are also ITAR Registered, giving us the ability to manufacture defense & military related parts. Collaborate with Marzilli Machine to achieve optimal performance and reliability for your defense industry machining needs.

Machining Solutions for the Defense Industry

CNC Milling

Discover the benefits of CNC milling in the defense industry solutions with Marzilli Machine. With our cutting-edge CNC milling capabilities, we offer dependable, accurate, and top-notch machining for defense components. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled professionals, we deliver intricate designs, swift turnaround times, unbeatable tolerances, and cost-effective production. You can count on us to meet the demanding requirements of the defense sector.

CNC Turning

At Marzilli, we also offer CNC turning for the defense industry. Precision, repeatability, and efficiency are our trademarks when it comes to CNC turning. We promise exceptional accuracy, reduced lead times, and consistent quality far exceeding industry standards. Our highly skilled Machinists are dedicated to exceeding your expectations at Marzilli Machine with undeniable excellence, reliability, and repeatability.

Rapid Prototyping

Take advantage of rapid prototyping with Marzilli Machine. We offer rapid prototyping services that enable rapid concept validation, accelerated design iterations, and shortened product development cycles. Our expertise will help you reduce time-to-market, save money, and improve design. Let us bring your defense project to life quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your ideas become high-quality prototypes that meet your exact specifications. Our team and equipment are the best it gets, count on us to deliver amazing results.

Work with Marzilli Machine

With Marzilli Machine’s precision milling, turning, and rapid prototyping solutions, you can elevate your defense industry projects. We can deliver exceptional results even for the most complex requirements thanks to our cutting-edge tech and extensive defense manufacturing experience. Let us help you strengthen your manufacturing capabilities, optimize efficiency, and achieve unparalleled quality in the defense sector. You can achieve new heights of success with us, together.

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