Modern Machine Shop-ERP and Process Changes Increase Shop’s Revenue 64% YoY

Modern Machine Shop - ERP and Process Changes Increase Shop's Revenue 64% YoY

“You don’t know how much waste you have until you address it,” says James Marzilli, founder and president of Marzilli Machine, a high-end component manufacturer located in Fall River, Massachusetts. Marzilli has been running his shop since 2011, but even after adopting a simple ERP system in 2013, managing the shop and ensuring its efficient operation was a grueling task. “When I looked at shops that were one- or two- or four-man shops, the guy that ran that place was always broke, stressed out.

Importance of CMM Inspections

CMM probe tip coming down to inspect the part.

Welcome to this week’s installment of Marzilli Monday. Today, we turn our attention to the precision-driven world of Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) inspections. We dive into the benefits of CMM Inspections, discussing how they play a pivotal role in our Quality Assurance systems. As well as how they elevate machining precision, quality control, and overall manufacturing efficiency. A CMM inspection could be just what you need to take your business or product to the next level. Stay tuned to discover how CMM inspections not only ensure the utmost accuracy in machined components but also empower manufacturers with data-driven insights for continuous improvement.

Probe tip in milling machine.

The Process.

The CMM inspection process starts right when a work order is created. The planner will decide if a CMM program is necessary based on the complexity of the part, and will add a line to the work order signifying this. Once the CMM Inspection line is added to the work order, our in-house ERP system, ProShop, alerts the CMM Programmer and places the work order on his to-do list. This allows the CMM Programmer to stay updated on incoming work and allows him to begin creating the program before the cutting even starts.

 Once the program is created and the first part has been cut, Quality Control will do a first run of the program using the first part. From there, the CMM Programmer will work out any issues found in the program, and verify the program is perfect. Once the program has been verified and is working correctly, the CMM Programmer will save the program to the company’s server, for future work orders, and as a reference for future parts. As parts continue to get manufactured, the CMM Programmer will save the necessary inspection reports to the server as well. If the customer requests these reports, we are easily able to locate them, print them, and ship them with the parts. Depending on a part’s complexity, a CMM program can sometimes be time-consuming to create. However, having the ability to create the program before a part is even cut, and the added efficiency of the CMM inspecting the parts vs having to inspect them manually, makes all the difference in terms of time saved and profitability.

CMM probe tip coming down to inspect the part.

The Benefits.

The benefits of CMM inspections make them necessary for Precision CNC Machine shops. The accuracy of CMMs alone is enough to make them crucial. The technology gives you the ability to almost instantly measure dimensions that would’ve previously been viewed as difficult or required a stand-alone tool. The efficiency you gain by being able to place a part on a machine and having it inspected quickly, accurately, and automatically, no matter the complexity, is unmatched. With technology getting better every day, 3D scanning is a new, innovative method of metrology Marzilli Machine has adopted recently. 3D scanning has the added benefits of reverse engineering & design for manufacturing. This is because higher-end machines can create a highly accurate 3D model based on the part you scan. This gives the manufacturer a better visual representation of the part and allows us to work directly with the engineers to improve manufacturing conditions. This can drastically decrease production costs, and increase profitability. Another benefit of these CMM inspections is the level of traceability. Highly detailed CMM reports can easily be created and sent to a customer right from the software. These reports are also able to be exported, so you can save your data. The CMM program is also savable, so you can store it, and reuse or reference it in the future.